Dealing with Rejection – Linking Winston’s April Lunch!


Whether you’re searching for a job and are tired of getting the dreaded rejection letter… or you’re a business owner/sales person who didn’t win the business… or you just need to be inspired to move on, this is the lunch you can’t miss!!

Join us at BB&T Ballpark on our normal 2nd Tuesday – April 14th – where Mary Ann Hauser of Action Coach will talk about rejection and how to deal with it. 

No one likes to be rejected or turned down but at some point, it’s going to happen but like many things in life, how you deal with it is the most important thing.

About Mary Ann Hauser:

Mary Ann is an award winning ActionCOACH whose 10980186_10202425305673827_8350611333511028941_opassion lies in helping business owners and their managers dramatically increase the value of their organizations. At their ActionCOACH firm, they work to help set goals, test and measure progress. They focus on profit growth and time management. In her spare time, she’s the co-owner of a farm in Fries, VA where they raise Black Perigord Truffles, a gourmet mushroom typically grown in France.

About our BB&T Ballpark Lunch:register_now_round

We work hard to bring you the best topics and speakers at no cost to you – all you pay is $15 for lunch which includes your lunch, beverage, tip and tax. When you arrive at the Womble Carlyle Club, where the event is located, please offer payment for your meal to facilitate an efficient experience.

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Linking Winston Salem March 10, – Panel Discussion on Alternative Media

Have you wondered if alternative media marketing is for you?  Do you really know what alternative media is?  Linking Winston Salem is proud to bring these answers and more to our March 10, 2015 meeting at BB&T Ballpark in the Carlyle Club, 11:30-1:00.  Lunch is $15.00 all inclusive!  RSVP Here!

We will be discussing what benefits alternative media such as website/blogs, podcasts, and alternative news outlets can bring your business, event, or organization in terms of marketing, exposure, and new customers!

Our panel:

Rachel HoeingTriad Moms on Main2015 Rachel with frame Rachel is an Appalachian State graduate who started her career as an elementary school teacher directly after graduation. Rachel taught in the Mecklenburg and Forsyth school systems for eight years, and then decided to change her career to a stay-at-home mom after she had her first child, Jake. Jake is now ten, he has a sister, Anna, who is eight,

and Rachel does just about everything except “stay at home!” Rachel and her husband Kevin have lived in the Triad for twelve years. Rachel is an active volunteer in her children’s schools, as well as the community. Rachel felt like TMoM was a prefect fit for her, as she was able to combine and use all of her talents in sales experience, love of children, managerial skills, social marketing, love of organization, and her knowledge of the Triad.

chad-n2Chad NanceCamel City Dispatch Chad Nance is Editor-in-Chief for Camel City Dispatch. A native of the Winston-Salem area. After working as a Political Editor for an international magazine, and writing for various national magazines and websites, Chad returned home to Camel City in January of 2012. In August of that year, he and Carissa Joines launched Camel City Dispatch. The site now has over 50,000 unique readers each month and has established itself as a primary source of news and information for residents of Camel City as well as those around the state. Chad’s “3rd Shift” columns feature his unique take of local and state politics. His first non-fiction book “Hillbilly Highway:The Oddessy of an Ugly American Loose at the Dawn of the 21st Century” was released in 2011 and his latest book “Shape I’m In:The Camel City Dispatches” comes out in October of 2014. Chad’s first novel, “Existential Threat” will be released in September of 2014.

TimTopHatTim BeemanThe Less Desirables Network Tim was born in West Virginia and he’s not afraid to say so!  He has lived in the Winston-Salem, NC area for over 25 years.  Tim has been a musician and in the musical business either directly or indirectly for over 26 years.  He loves movies, music and video games.  He became engaged to his BCPF (Beautiful Close Personal Friend) on July 31, 2011 and is quite happy with that decision!

Moderated by: Matt Clark600WSJS Matt Clark is the Operations Manager, Program Director, and Chief Operator for radio stations 600 WSJS and ESPN Radio in Greensboro and High Point. He even finds time to host a show and hold a few key accounts for the company. Born and raised in Winston-Salem, Matt is an unabashed “Swiftie”, devout “Whovian”, and proud father of a two-year old daughter who is going on twenty. He graduated from Appalachian State in 2002 and has spent every day since then wishing he could go back…


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February Linking Winston Salem, Feb 10, 2015 11:30 AM BB&T Ballpark`

It’s a New Year and a great time to connect and reconnect with other professionals in the Triad. Join us and dozens of professionals for a great lunch and structured (translate “Kim, Kristen and Paul have some schemes planned”) networking. Bring business cards and ideas to share! Ready set, grow your business in 2015 with the help of Linking Winston-Salem!


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December Linking Winston Salem – Dr. Paul Kortenaar, Executive Director of SciWorks


Please join us on December 9, 2014 at 11:30 AM for lunch and a visit with Dr. Paul Kortenaar.  The location is BB@T Ballpark in the Carlyle Club.  Lunch will be 15.00

Please sign up here


Before coming to Winston-Salem as Executive Director of SciWorks, Dr. Paul Kortenaar was the Director of Education and Weston Family Chair of Innovative Education at the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto, Canada. He worked in science museums previously in Canada and the United States, and taught in Faculties of Education in Canada and Tanzania. While at the Ontario Science Centre, Dr. Kortenaar also acted as the principal of the Ontario Science Centre Science School. The OSCSS is a formal public school within the walls of an informal science center.

As the Executive Director of SciWorks, Dr. Kortenaar’s primary goals are to increase the community engagement and excitement at the museum with new programs and exhibits. He has already discovered that SciWorks is a “beloved institution in Winston-Salem and integral to the fabric of the community.“ He promotes the belief that the role of SciWorks is to help the citizens of the city to understand and interpret the role that science and scientific research play in their lives by acting as the connector between the scientific community and the wider public. Quoting from a recent article, he believes that “creativity, collaboration, risk-taking and perseverance are all important skills children must practice to become the innovative individuals of the future” and with Winston-Salem being the “City of Arts and Innovation, SciWorks is the place where innovation begins.”

Dr. Kortenaar’s educational background includes an undergraduate degree in genetics from McGill University in Montreal, and Masters and Doctoral degrees in Education from York University in Toronto. His dissertation research revolved around the intersection of formal and informal learning that occurs when schools come for field trips to science centers and museums.

In leading Winston-Salem’s science museum, Dr. Kortenaar will be directing the activities of more than 25,000 square feet of exhibits inside the complex and also the SciWorks Environmental Park, a 15-acre outdoor nature science exhibit that boasts of nature walks and winding trails. The night sky can be enjoyed even during the day through programs in the Planetarium. As its motto proclaims, “SciWorks is the place where discovery begins.”

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November Linking Winston Salem Presents: Nicole Naviglia – Influencing the Influencers

On November 11, 2014 Linking Winston Salem will bring Nicole Naviglia of Shake Insights.  Nicole’s presentation will be on Influencing the Influencers –

They say you’re nobody if someone isn’t talking about you. So how do you get bloggers to share your brand or product story with their readers? It’s not all about paying for posts and dime-a-dozen reviews! We’ll explore three key strategies that will help make you authentically share-worthy among bloggers, no matter your social media budget!  Here are three how-to-hints (all will be revealed on November 11th!)

  1. KISS
  2. HYPEr-relevancy
  3. Give to get

Winter Pic Nicole GreenNicole Naviglia is a researcher, marketer, and writer with over 16 years of experience.  For nearly 12 years, Nicole was a strategic brand planner for Mullen Advertising where she lead consumer insights and marketing efforts for brands such as TJ Maxx, Tresemme, Nestlé, Playskool, Kumon, and PBS.  Until April of 2014, Nicole served as vice president, Director of Consumer Engagement for Carson-Dellosa Publishing, where she helped launch the company’s first major consumer marketing, social media and public relations programs.  This spring Nicole started her own marketing and insights firm, Shake.  Learn more at 


BB&T Ballpark in Winston Salem, lunch is $15.00 all inclusive!

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On October 14, 2014 BB&T Ballpark in Winston Salem, at 11:30AM we present Dr. Cyndi Briggs.  Lunch is $15.00. 

The Story and the Quest: How We Live Matters

A year ago, a series of seemingly unrelated events led me to a new passion. I felt compelled to better understand the life of one of my greatest heroes, my grandfather John Briggs, who fought in World War 2, and who died in 2003. My research began with reading, then to interviewing and recording the oral histories of living veterans in Winston-Salem. My research became a writing project, and most recently took me on a three-week solo trek through Europe to visit the sites where my grandfather spent time 70 years ago.

Simon Sinek states, “People don’t buy what we do, they buy why we do it.” I believe that by living a life of purpose and vision, we can inspire others around us to do the same. We simply have to be willing to pay attention to our passion as well as our fears. And in doing so authentically, we can create the conditions for true engagement with the community around us.

Dr. Cyndi Briggs holds three degrees in psychology and counseling and is a TED Talk Presenter, author, educator, and activist who lives and works in Winston-Salem, NC. Cyndi loves to blog, make art, and travel the world. You can find her online at her website When she’s not writing, you can find Cyndi out salsa dancing or running with her dog, Daisy.

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SEPTEMBER 9, 2014 – Linking Winston Salem Returns!

Hang ON! Linking Winston-Salem is READY!! September 9th, 11:30-1:00 at BB&T Field!

Join us for our new season of luncheons and speakers beginning this September – second Tuesday! Networking begins at11:30. A buffet lunch is provided. Cost is $15.00.


Kristen Daukas Director of Social Media

Our speaker for the event will be Kristen Daukas, Director of Social Media for Atlantic Webworks. It’s “back to” it time if ever there was such a  time and you need to know The 3 R’s of Social Media!

The 3 R’s of Social Media: Relationships, Relevance and Routine

Social media can be an overwhelming responsibility if you let it, but with these 3 basic R’s, you can break it down into a manageable and FUN! task.

Relationships: The WHO of what social media is. How to build an audience and ambassadors to your brand.

Relevance: WHAT you are doing relevant to your branding and your customer?

Routine: HOW are you doing what you’re doing? Is there a method to your madness or are you all over the place?

Event Page on Facebook is HERE


About our BB&T Ballpark Lunch:

Lunch will be buffet-style and all-inclusive.  When you arrive at the Womble Carlyle Club, where the event is located, please offer payment for your meal to facilitate an efficient experience.

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Business Ethics: Your First or Last Frontier?


Adrienne Cregar Jandler – Atlantic Webworks

Register_Now_roundBack for another amazing topic is Adrienne Cregar Jandler, President of Atlantic Webworks in Greensboro.  Adrienne will be discussing “Business Ethics: Your First or Last Frontier?” on Tuesday, May 13th from 11:30 am – 1 pm at BB&T Ballpark.  An abstract of Adrienne’s topic is listed below:

Large corporations usually have formal corporate ethics policies, and many regulated professions have codes of ethics. But what about small businesses? How do smaller companies establish and communicate their ethics, and integrate ethics into the corporate culture? Is there a cost to formally instituting ethics into the company’s fabric? How does having a strong ethical foundation impact the bottom line? Hiring? Retention? Join Adrienne Cregar Jandler, President of Atlantic Webworks, and winner of the American Business Ethics Award, for a practical discussion on business ethics and corporate citizenship.

More about Adrienne:
As President of Atlantic Webworks, a brand strategy, web development and social media agency headquartered in Greensboro, Adrienne has led the company through its 17 years of challenges and triumphs which all businesses eventually experience with growth. The company has developed a reputation for its integrity and high quality of work, and was awarded the Piedmont Business Ethics Award in 2007. It was then honored at the national level in 2008 when it won the American Business Ethics Award, alongside Daisy Brands and General Mills. Atlantic Webworks is the only Triad company to win this national ethics award.  As an entrepreneur, Adrienne has since been active in the business community, working to raise corporate awareness of business ethics and its role in the community. When she’s not in the office, she enjoys snorkeling, reading, and traveling with her husband.

About our BB&T Ballpark Lunch:
Lunch will be buffet-style and all-inclusive.  When you arrive at the Womble Carlyle Club, where the event is located, please offer payment for your meal to facilitate an efficient experience.


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Answering “Hamlet’s Blackberry” – April’s Lunch and Book Discussion

In William Powers’ book, Hamlet’s Blackberry: Building A Good Life In The Digital Age, we are confronted with details and theories about a truth we already know: The Surge of Digital Technology into our lives is radically changing the way we relate and communicate. Is this a positive change? What is the role of technology in our growth, development and communication as business professionals? Does technology solve or create problems in the work place? How do we deal with the demand on us for “screen time” and off-line tasks?

Join us on Tuesday, April 8th, from 11:30 am until 1 pm at BB&T Ballpark as a panel of 4 local business professionals discusses their reactions to and thoughts about not only Mr. Powers’ book, but their experience with doing ‘good’ business in the digital age.

For our meetings at BB&T Ballpark, there will be a buffet lunch.  Lunch will be all-inclusive for $15.

To purchase Hamlet’s Blackberry, please visit this Amazon link.  (Note: This is not an affiliate link, and no funds will be received from the direct link to this text.)

For a video review, please see below:

April Panelists:

Phillip Oakley
Founder and Chief Creative Officer
Common Giant

Jaymie Eichorn
Vice President of Marketing
Goodwill of Northwest North Carolina

Dr. Cyndi Briggs
Teacher, Writer, Speaker, and Creative Spark

Kim E. Williams
Director of Sales
Atlantic Webworks


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Adding a “Dash” to Linking Winston-Salem for March

Baseball season is just around the corner, and, to celebrate, Linking Winston-Salem is pleased to have Geoff Lassiter, Winston-Salem Dash President.  Join us at BB&T Ballpark on Tuesday, March 11th from 11:30 am – 1 pm as Geoff highlights portions of the 2013 season, gives us an overview of the 2014 season, and details the Dash business model and success of the team.

For our meetings at BB&T Ballpark, there will be a buffet lunch.  Lunch will be all-inclusive for $15.

About Geoff Lassiter:

Geoff joins the Dash after spending the previous eight years with Wake Forest University Athletics.  During this span, he had held positions including the Associate Director of Development, Assistant Athletic Director for Development/Special Projects, and, most recently, as the Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing and Special Projects.  In this role, Lassiter was responsible for creating and implementing ticket sales marketing plans for men’s basketball and football, and also oversaw the band and cheer squad as well as all game day environment activities for all sports.

Before joining WFU, Lassiter worked both as a financial advisor for Jefferson Pilot Financial at the Piedmont Agency (1999 – 2001) and as a sales representative for the Cintas Corporation (2001 – 2002).

Lassiter graduated from Greensboro College in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Economics.  While there, Lassiter was a 4-year letter winner for the men’s basketball squad and also served as a team captain during his junior and senior seasons.

Lassiter, a 1995 graduate of Elkin High School, currently resides in Winston-Salem with his wife, Kiera, their three-year-old son, Porter, their newborn twins, Mary and Wilson, and their two labs, Ramsey and Pawley.

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