Linking Winston-Salem Welcomes Steve Rayburn For February Lunch!

Our February lunch will feature Steve Rayburn with Sandler Training.  Steve’s presentation which is entitled “Why Won’t They Listen to Me?!?” And What You Can Do About It.  What will you learn? Steve explains:

Have you ever met someone and within a very short time knew the two of you “just clicked?”

Possibly it was the opposite and you did not get along at all.  How do we discover the reason for that quick connection, take conscious control of it and use it to improve our ability to communicate?  Ask yourself, “What is my strategy for quickly establishing a trusted relationship?”

This talk will explore that question and offer some possible answers.  This will be far faster and deeper than the traditional small talk trap that many programs teach.  Observing an object or picture in someone’s office and talking enthusiastically about it can actually backfire on you.

We will explore techniques to use how people communicate to better our own communication, and learn how to get to a trusted relationship with others more quickly.


About Steve:

Steve Rayburn is an associate with Sandler Training, a sales professional, a trainer and coach.  His professional experience spans a career in Chemistry, Consulting, Training and Coaching.  He has owned two businesses and now helps others grow and develop as sales professionals, managers and leaders.

About Lunch:

Our sessions and speakers are free, lunch is not. Lunch is $15 and all inclusive of lunch, beverage, tax and gratuity. Thank you to Bib’s Downtown for graciously hosting us!

About Linking Winston-Salem:We are a group of professionals connected primarily via technology and social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and blogging. Linking Winston-Salem gives us the opportunity to meet in person to exchange ideas and encourage growth amongst each other and our community. There are no membership fees or attendance requirements. We welcome all professionals and encourage you to bring guests!

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