April Luncheon with Kim Wiliams

“Are You Listening? – 10 Ways Social Media has Changed Public Speaking and Hearing.” 

April 10th 11:30 – 1:00 at Bib’s Downtown

From the pulpit to the classroom and auditorium, the impact of social media is wide spread. The way people are listening and sharing has dramatically changed. Where are people looking? How are they Imagelearning? What happens when digital conversations converge with IRL (In Real Life) conversations? 

Have you changed the way you are speaking and presenting to maximize this shift? Have you given any thought to how you are ‘listening’ to get the most out of a presentation? This presentation is design to increase awareness of the ways social media has changed the presentation environment. You will leave with ten simple tips on how to make your next presentation experience (be it as the speaker or the hearer) more meaningful.

Presented by: Kim E Williams, Client Services Manager, BĒM Interactive.

ImageEducated at Wofford College with a BA in Religious Studies and Southeastern Seminary where he earned a Master of Divinity degree, Kim spent 15 years as a pastor with a mainline denomination while specializing in congregational development – church revitalization, growth and start-ups. (Although, why would anyone want to grow more churches is a mystery). 

Throughout his educational and vocational journey he enjoyed time in the spot light by working as a member of the Wofford Theater Workshop, Carrboro Actor’s Cooperative, Charlotte Shakespeare Company and appearing in both radio and TV commercial character roles. 
Entering into the arena of sales and sales management in 1999, Kim discovered a passion for the art of sales, which he describes as a complex process of helping people get what they want, in spite of themselves. 

Currently, as the Client Services Manager with a BĒM Interactive, Kim continues to work on perfecting the art of sales and communication.
A seasoned public speaker, aspiring writer, father, grandfather and obedient husband – Kim Williams believes that who we are begins with what we believe and what we believe is created by what we do every day.

About Lunch:

Our sessions and speakers are free, lunch is not. Lunch is $15 and all inclusive of lunch, beverage, tax and gratuity. Thank you to Bib’s Downtown for graciously hosting us!

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