SEPTEMBER 9, 2014 – Linking Winston Salem Returns!

Hang ON! Linking Winston-Salem is READY!! September 9th, 11:30-1:00 at BB&T Field!

Join us for our new season of luncheons and speakers beginning this September – second Tuesday! Networking begins at11:30. A buffet lunch is provided. Cost is $15.00.


Kristen Daukas Director of Social Media

Our speaker for the event will be Kristen Daukas, Director of Social Media for Atlantic Webworks. It’s “back to” it time if ever there was such a  time and you need to know The 3 R’s of Social Media!

The 3 R’s of Social Media: Relationships, Relevance and Routine

Social media can be an overwhelming responsibility if you let it, but with these 3 basic R’s, you can break it down into a manageable and FUN! task.

Relationships: The WHO of what social media is. How to build an audience and ambassadors to your brand.

Relevance: WHAT you are doing relevant to your branding and your customer?

Routine: HOW are you doing what you’re doing? Is there a method to your madness or are you all over the place?

Event Page on Facebook is HERE


About our BB&T Ballpark Lunch:

Lunch will be buffet-style and all-inclusive.  When you arrive at the Womble Carlyle Club, where the event is located, please offer payment for your meal to facilitate an efficient experience.

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