On October 14, 2014 BB&T Ballpark in Winston Salem, at 11:30AM we present Dr. Cyndi Briggs.  Lunch is $15.00. 

The Story and the Quest: How We Live Matters

A year ago, a series of seemingly unrelated events led me to a new passion. I felt compelled to better understand the life of one of my greatest heroes, my grandfather John Briggs, who fought in World War 2, and who died in 2003. My research began with reading, then to interviewing and recording the oral histories of living veterans in Winston-Salem. My research became a writing project, and most recently took me on a three-week solo trek through Europe to visit the sites where my grandfather spent time 70 years ago.

Simon Sinek states, “People don’t buy what we do, they buy why we do it.” I believe that by living a life of purpose and vision, we can inspire others around us to do the same. We simply have to be willing to pay attention to our passion as well as our fears. And in doing so authentically, we can create the conditions for true engagement with the community around us.

Dr. Cyndi Briggs holds three degrees in psychology and counseling and is a TED Talk Presenter, author, educator, and activist who lives and works in Winston-Salem, NC. Cyndi loves to blog, make art, and travel the world. You can find her online at her website DrCyndiBriggs.com. When she’s not writing, you can find Cyndi out salsa dancing or running with her dog, Daisy.

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