December Linking Winston Salem – Dr. Paul Kortenaar, Executive Director of SciWorks


Please join us on December 9, 2014 at 11:30 AM for lunch and a visit with Dr. Paul Kortenaar.  The location is BB@T Ballpark in the Carlyle Club.  Lunch will be 15.00

Please sign up here


Before coming to Winston-Salem as Executive Director of SciWorks, Dr. Paul Kortenaar was the Director of Education and Weston Family Chair of Innovative Education at the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto, Canada. He worked in science museums previously in Canada and the United States, and taught in Faculties of Education in Canada and Tanzania. While at the Ontario Science Centre, Dr. Kortenaar also acted as the principal of the Ontario Science Centre Science School. The OSCSS is a formal public school within the walls of an informal science center.

As the Executive Director of SciWorks, Dr. Kortenaar’s primary goals are to increase the community engagement and excitement at the museum with new programs and exhibits. He has already discovered that SciWorks is a “beloved institution in Winston-Salem and integral to the fabric of the community.“ He promotes the belief that the role of SciWorks is to help the citizens of the city to understand and interpret the role that science and scientific research play in their lives by acting as the connector between the scientific community and the wider public. Quoting from a recent article, he believes that “creativity, collaboration, risk-taking and perseverance are all important skills children must practice to become the innovative individuals of the future” and with Winston-Salem being the “City of Arts and Innovation, SciWorks is the place where innovation begins.”

Dr. Kortenaar’s educational background includes an undergraduate degree in genetics from McGill University in Montreal, and Masters and Doctoral degrees in Education from York University in Toronto. His dissertation research revolved around the intersection of formal and informal learning that occurs when schools come for field trips to science centers and museums.

In leading Winston-Salem’s science museum, Dr. Kortenaar will be directing the activities of more than 25,000 square feet of exhibits inside the complex and also the SciWorks Environmental Park, a 15-acre outdoor nature science exhibit that boasts of nature walks and winding trails. The night sky can be enjoyed even during the day through programs in the Planetarium. As its motto proclaims, “SciWorks is the place where discovery begins.”

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