Dealing with Rejection – Linking Winston’s April Lunch!


Whether you’re searching for a job and are tired of getting the dreaded rejection letter… or you’re a business owner/sales person who didn’t win the business… or you just need to be inspired to move on, this is the lunch you can’t miss!!

Join us at BB&T Ballpark on our normal 2nd Tuesday – April 14th – where Mary Ann Hauser of Action Coach will talk about rejection and how to deal with it. 

No one likes to be rejected or turned down but at some point, it’s going to happen but like many things in life, how you deal with it is the most important thing.

About Mary Ann Hauser:

Mary Ann is an award winning ActionCOACH whose 10980186_10202425305673827_8350611333511028941_opassion lies in helping business owners and their managers dramatically increase the value of their organizations. At their ActionCOACH firm, they work to help set goals, test and measure progress. They focus on profit growth and time management. In her spare time, she’s the co-owner of a farm in Fries, VA where they raise Black Perigord Truffles, a gourmet mushroom typically grown in France.

About our BB&T Ballpark Lunch:register_now_round

We work hard to bring you the best topics and speakers at no cost to you – all you pay is $15 for lunch which includes your lunch, beverage, tip and tax. When you arrive at the Womble Carlyle Club, where the event is located, please offer payment for your meal to facilitate an efficient experience.

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